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Student Dismissal/Pick Up

Dismissal Plans: Please make sure your child knows the dismissal plans every day. For example, if they are taking the bus, who is picking them up, or if they are attending SAC. If you are running late, please call 720-561-3600. Children are brought to the office to wait if their parent/guardian does not come at the expected time.  

Early Pick-up Procedure:  If you need to pick your child up early from school, please call 720-561-3600 or come to the front door and ring the bell. We will collect your child and bring them to you. Please allow enough time for your child to gather their belongings. We appreciate having advanced notice and will do our best to have your child in the office when you arrive.

Most of our students arrive by car, causing congestion. We encourage carpooling, alternative transportation and the simple joy of a two-block stroll to school at morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. BVSD's Link to Safe Routes

Please review the procedures below. It is important that we have safe and efficient drop-off and pick-up for our students and our neighbors.

Morning Drop-Off 

  • The school’s doors open at 8:15 AM.  K-4 Students are marked tardy after 8:25 AM. 5-8 Students are marked tardy after 8:20 AM

  • There is no school supervision for students prior to 8:15 AM 

  • Please observe all laws and regulations if you are parked in the neighborhood (no double parking). 

  • *Do not have your child cross the street except in designated crosswalks*

  • Do not block or park in neighbors driveways

  • Do not park or leave car unattended 

  • Kinder students enter through our front East door

  • 1st/2nd enter directly into their class’ external door

  • 3rd/4th students enter through the main office doors

  • 5-8 enter through the NE doors close to the playground

Afternoon Pick-Up 

  • Staff supervision of outside areas ends at 3:45 (M-Th) and 12:55 (Friday).

  • Students are not allowed to wait on the premises of the school.

  • Students who have not been picked up at the expected time will be brought to the office to wait for a parent or guardian to pick them up.

  • All students in the building or on the playground after dismissal Must have parental supervision.  

  • Kinder students will exit out of the front east door at 3:30 PM

  • 1st/2nd grade students will exit out of their exterior classroom doors at 3:30 PM 

  • 3rd/4th will exit through the main front doors at 3:30 PM

  • 5th-8th grade students are dismissed at 3:35 PM through their exterior classroom doors or else the NE exit close to the playground