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School Hours:

Kindergarten:       M -Th        8:25am - 3:25pm
                               F                8:25am - 12:45p
Grades 1-4:           M-Th         8:25am - 3:30pm
                               F                8:25am - 12:45pm
Grades 5-8:          M-Th          8:20am - 3:35pm
                               F                8:20am - 12:45pm
SAC Hours:          M-Th          3:30pm - 6:00pm
                               F                12:45pm - 4:00pm
Horizons only enrolls students who can attend full time. We are unable to accommodate half-time enrollment. 

Dismissal Plans: Please make sure your child knows the dismissal plans every day. For example, who is picking them up or if they have SAC. If you are running late, please call 720-561-3600. Children are to go to the office to wait if their parent/guardian does not come at the expected time.

Early Pick-up Procedure:  If you need to pick your child up early from school, please call 720-561-3600 in advance so that we can collect your child and have them waiting for you. Please allow enough time for your child to gather their belongings.