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Physical Education

Physical Education (PE) is an important part of a comprehensive education program and contributes to the overall well being of students.

The Horizons Physical Education program will contribute to the overall development of the students’ physical and mental health, fundamental and advanced motor skills, self-confidence, goal-setting, leadership and cooperation, stress reduction, enhanced self-efficacy, and strengthened peer relationships. The Physical Education program will foster a positive, safe, and respectful learning environment, as well as incorporate activities that will include all students and meet the needs of each individual student at their various skill levels.

Our physical education instruction will focus on the three different learning domains:

* Psychomotor (motor skill performance, movement competence)
* Cognitive (knowledge, movement understanding, physical and personal wellness)
* Affective (social and emotional wellness, and prevention/risk management)

Through focusing on these three learning domains, we are developing the students as a whole to achieve the ultimate goal of a physically active lifestyle. Teachers will provide content that is physically and socially challenging to the students in a way that encourages the students to be physically active and healthy individuals. The responsibility of this department is to provide our students with the necessary education and skills that they will need to be lifelong learners and movers.

Meet Our Physical Education Teacher

Lucas Mile

PE Teacher