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“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”  Arthur O’Shaughnessy

Students at Horizons learn to dream and expand through the study of music.  Music serves to unify the wide range of ages at our K-8 school.  

At all grade-levels, students learn about the mechanics of music, but always consider music as a form of self-expression, as well as an opportunity to step outside ourselves and understand the wide world.  As such, these studies complement classroom explorations of history, culture, art, science, and more.

In the earlier grades, students explore foundations of music through song, storytelling, rhythmic instruments and movement.  Third and fourth graders continue this exploration, while also learning to play bucket drums, recorders, and ukuleles.  Fifth and sixth graders deepen their study of music through the ukulele, handbells, and keyboard.  Finally, seventh and eighth graders take a project-based approach to ensemble-building and part writing. 

Extending beyond the regular school day, choir and orchestra are offered to Horizons students, third grade and up. Weekly rehearsals culminate in performance experiences  for friends and families, at nearby retirement homes, and at community events. 

Meet our Music Teacher

Katherine Fritz

Music Teacher
Horizons K-8