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1/2 Grades

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Our first and second-grade program supports students as they move through their first experience in a multi-age setting at Horizons. The focus is placed on social-emotional development, making connections, recognizing and appreciating differences, and fostering a spirit of cooperation. We continue to develop work habits and build stamina while encouraging independent thinking and learning. Our literacy curriculum explores reading and writing in a variety of genres. In math, our goals are to investigate and develop a strong number sense as well as introduce new concepts and tools for problem-solving. Throughout the students’ two-year journey at 1-2, we hope to inspire curiosity, joy, and a love of learning.

What Should You Bring to School Each Day?

  • Food – Even if your child gets a hot lunch, please be sure to provide enough food for 2 daily snack time opportunities. Our first snack occurs just before the first recess and the second snack is just before our final recess.
  • Water bottle – Please support your child with getting into the habit of bringing home their water bottle each day to dry out and refill the next morning for school. There are water fountains at school, but a water bottle that isn’t rinsed and dried out often can get a little yucky!
    Please also be sure to label your water bottle clearly. We have Sharpies in the classroom you may use if needed.
  • Reusable bag/canvas tote or backpack – A big reusable bag is easier to pack and unpack, but we understand if your kiddo wants to use a backpack instead. Please be sure whatever you use is spacious and easy to both fill and empty. Lunch, snacks, gloves, hats, water bottles and such should all fit inside. And again, please label clearly with your kiddo’s name.
  • Weather appropriate clothes – This one can be a challenge.If in doubt, pack an extra hoodie, hat, and gloves. Make sure shoes are appropriate for walking, running and playing. With snowy weather, slippers are welcome for getting out of wet and heavy boots, but make sure they are sturdy enough to be worn outside in case of an emergency, such as a fire alarm going off, as there would not be time to change back into the boots.