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Green Star School

​Horizons K8 is very proud to have been chosen as a Green Star School. Joining other schools throughout Boulder County, we have partnered with Eco-Cycle to move toward Zero Waste through increased recycling, the implementation of composting, and special waste reduction activities.

You will notice multiple bins in your child's classroom for separating recyclables and for composting. In addition, as a part of the Green Star program, we are working towards zero waste for school functions, including purchasing compostable papergoods and sorting our waste. 

Please use this program as a jumping-off point to discuss recycling with your child at home and the rules for your area.

You can visit the Green Star website for more information.​​


Kick2Build is a Colorado nonprofit organization focused on building inclusive communities, and affirming diversity through sports, music, dancing, drumming, singing, stories of life, arts and cultural activities. We embrace the values of cooperation, mutual support, Inclusivity and interdependence. Our group is multi-generational that welcomes all abilities. Our commitment to community building transcends on the field and social activities that strengthen our relationships. Horizons students are invited to sign up to participate.