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Mission & Vision


Our Mission at Horizons K8 School is to guide K-8 students to become self-directed learners in a supportive, collaborative environment rooted in critical thinking, justice, and choice.


Our vision is to develop a community of reflective learners who advocate for themselves, others, and a just world.


Community - We are a relationship-based community of lifelong learners who engage in experiences that deeply connect us to one another.

Responsibility - We share decision-making to empower all members of the school community.

Diversity - We learn about and empathize with others so that we all belong.

Growth - Each person achieves their own highest standard of academic excellence by delivering authentic learning experiences and a curriculum that is personally significant and continues to be relevant in an ever-changing world. 

Communication - We are open, honest, and direct with one another to build trust.

School Description and History 

Horizons K-8 School is a public charter school located within the Boulder Valley School District. Our charter school is publicly funded and was established by teachers, parents, and community members in May of 1996 after a five year tenure as a focus school of the Boulder Valley School District.  The charter was granted a ten year renewal in December 2009.  In 2012, Horizons K-8 underwent a significant remodeling and addition due to being awarded a BEST (Building Excellent Schools Today) Grant from the State of Colorado.  In 2013, Horizons K-8 was established as an independent 501(c)(3) and initiated the Horizons Board to support the overall financial and governance operations of the school.  Enrollment at Horizons K-8 occurs through the BVSD Open Enrollment process (

Horizons was founded and continues to lead the way, in order to:

  • Have a dynamic, K-8 school of choice that has the sustainable capacity to prioritize and maintain a focus on the needs of all individual learners from all cultures and with all identities.
  • Allow for committed, professional educators to have the autonomy to make choices, based on the most current research, as to how to develop and implement relevant, challenging, and innovative curriculum K through 8.
  • Build and maintain an innovative, caring, and rigorous learning environment where the needs of the whole child are addressed in support of high academic and behavioral expectations and where children of all races, cultures, and identities are valued and respected.
  • Utilize strong community partnerships, which provide students opportunities to make positive contributions to their community as a whole.

We Strive to Engage Students to Become

Self-directed learners who...

  • Take responsibility for their learning
  • Set goals, reflect, and evaluate their own progress
  • Plan, initiate, develop, and follow through on activities
  • Gather information through listening, observing, inquiring, and collecting data
  • Read and write for a variety of purposes
  • Utilize a variety of multidisciplinary skills as tools for thinking and learning
  • Employ logical reasoning, imagination, and creativity to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information
  • Devise a variety of strategies for problem-solving
  • Communicate ideas, opinions, feelings, and information through inquiry, discussions, presentation, writing, models, charts, maps, graphs, art forms, and performance

Community contributors who...

  • Value and care for themselves and others
  • Explore possibilities and respond flexibly to change
  • Utilize inner resources to maximize physical, intellectual, and interpersonal skills
  • Recognize, sense, and appreciate cultural, racial, and learning differences
  • Take responsibility for their actions
  • Cooperate with others
  • Participate effectively in decision-making and group activities
  • Take responsibility for the environment


  • Recipient 2011 BEST Award (Building Excellent Schools Today) – $5 million grant for remodeling and an addition to our school to address health and safety needs
  • 2014 & 2018 John Irwin Schools of Excellence Award
  • 2013 Impact on Education Classroom Grants Award
  • Recognized by Colorado School Grades as a #1 School in Colorado in 2013/14/15
  • 2013 Great Outdoors Colorado recipient of $100,000 grant
  • 2011 Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award
  • 2011 Boulderganic from Eco-Cycle and Boulder Weekly
  • Over ten years as a Green Star School with a focus on reducing our school-wide carbon footprint on an annual basis