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Council Notes April 18 2024

4/18/24 Council Meeting Minutes

Horizons K8 School

Meeting Agenda:  Council Meeting Agenda (Detailed) April 18 2024 - Google Docs


Call to Order:  5:40 PM

  • Quorum was initially not established, but ultimately achieved.  
  • Brief discussion about how to increase attendance at Council.

Facilitators: Mike Tadros
Notetaker: Michelle Bargo

Hawks Happenings: 

  • Lynn - ⅚ - Presented the Traveling Notebooks that students began back in October.  It’s an integrated project that ties together writing, geography, poetry, and more.  The notebooks are mailed out into the world to 3-4 friends or relatives who add entries about the places that they live.  

  • Natalie - Kinder - The book fair was a big success for us getting new books for our classroom.  The Poet Tree performance is next week on Friday!

  • Julie - ¾ - The Oregon Trail Project has been very exciting!  Today’s events included  a water moccasin bite, unexpected weather, eating 8 buffalo for lunch, and other rugged adventures.  

Horizons Budget Proposals - Jasmine GBC: 

  • Last Thursday the Board voted to recommend the 24/25 Council Budget Proposal and to adopt the 24/25 Fund 11 Budget contingent on the Council Budget vote.  
  • 24/25 Fund 11 Proposal  

    • In 23/24 we balanced the budget due to increased fundraising and Outdoor Ed fee collection, the cuts made last year, and a variety of other factors.

    • This 24/25 proposal is based on a student enrollment of 375.

    • 24/25 staffing costs: We budgeted for increases in annual leave costs, counseling FTE (from .4 to .75) , para hourly pay, and expenses to cover subs for instructional coaching.  Instead of a math interventionist there will be increased professional development.  

    • In 24/25 BVSD will decrease reimbursement for SPED by .5 FTE..

    • In 24/25  there will be a balanced Fund 11 budget!  Fund 11 will ask for a Council transfer to cover professional development, a middle school playground upgrade, experiential learning, etc.  These expenses are typically covered by a Council Transfer.

    • Parent suggestion to consider a GT para to support students on ALPs.  Kate B.’s role is GT Coordinator (as opposed to GT teacher).  Her role is to test and identify students who qualify as GT as opposed to directly teaching them.  Classroom teachers are responsible for implementing GT programming.   

  • 24/25 Council Budget Proposal  

    • In 23/24 we are doing better than expected on our fundraising goals!  Thank you parents!!!

      • Horizons earned approximately $3000 extra by participating in CO Gives.

    • We reviewed planned earnings and expenses for 24/25.

    • This year’s auction is still coming up on May 4!

    • We are winding down the gift card program that is not profitable but continuing the grocery fundraiser that continues to earn money for Horizons. 

    • Several Impact on Education grants have been earned in 23/24 and we hope to earn more in 24/25.

    • We are expecting a balanced 24/25 Council Budget.

  • What do the teachers want funded when we have available funds in the Council budget? 

    • Some Council members plan to attend the Friday 5/3 faculty meeting to discuss faculty member suggestions for what to fund with available Council funds.

Committee Updates:

  • Development - Kristin - Come to the Out of This World Gala on May 4!!  There are amazing auction items and you do not need to be present in order to bid.  There will be an end-of-year report from the Development Committee to provide a summary for the committee’s work this year.  

  • EDB - Allyson - The banned book club reads a different banned book monthly.  Next Wednesday the YWCA is presenting How to Talk to Your Kids About Racism.  This is an amazing opportunity to learn more about this important topic!  

  • HCG - Barb will be running HCG next year.  Upcoming events include the Plant Sale, Spring Swap, Spirit Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, and Watermelon Picnic on the last day of school.  The end of the year will be extra fun!  

  • DAC - No update

New Business: 

  • Curriculum Ask for READ Act - GBC - We needed to comply with the READ Act this year at grade levels 1 & 2.  For  24/25 we need to purchase more consumable materials (e.g., workbooks).  We also need to purchase a new BVSD-approved curriculum (Into Reading) for 3rd grade.

    • Motion for Council to fund the $20,000 in curriculum materials we are required to purchase for the READ Act. - Barb

    • Second: Kevin

      • Concorded.  

  • Tree Proposal - GBC - Edging & mulch are needed for the Gambe Grove.  Cost $150.  Treatment for 3 beautiful ash trees is needed and will cost $575.

    • Motion for $725 for trees - GBC

    • Second: Jim

      • Concorded

Adjourned:  7:40 PM