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Council Notes November 6 2023

11/16/23 Council Meeting Minutes
Horizons K8 School
Meeting Agenda: Council Meeting Agenda (Detailed) – November 16, 2023.docx - Google Docs

Call to Order: 6:05  PM
Facilitator: Mike Tadros
Notetaker: Michelle Bargo

Open Enrollment Tours: Tour groups stopped by the Council meeting for a Q&A session.  We had engaging conversations about Horizons  with prospective parents from various grade levels.  Thank you, Volunteers!

Hawk Happenings: 

Rachel Clionsky -  ⅚ - Presented a slide show on the SCOPE Program from CU which brought diverse CU scientists into the classroom to lead a microscopy lesson!

Teran Sittner ⅞ - Presented the Podcast projects her students recently completed on a huge range of topics including the justice system, true crime, cooking, pop culture and more!

Committee Updates:

  • Development - Meets on the 1st Wed. of the month at 2:30 - We have been focused on CO Gives (now through December 5), Artastic (December 1st), Spring Auction (May 4, 2024)  Thank you, Volunteers!!
  • EDB - Meets on the 2nd Tues. of the month, alternating 5:30-7:00 or 2:30-3:30 - We host a banned book club, plan a new selection of books for the school, bring the annual book sale in the spring, and are gathering outdoor supplies to support OE and Winter Sports for community members. Watch for bite-sized ideas in Skylines!
  • HCG - Planning a new community potluck for February to celebrate Horizons’ diversity by inviting everyone to share a meaningful dish.  The  fall swap was very successful!
  • DAC - John was able to connect with superintendent Rob Anderson about some issues that are important to Horizons.  Another round of Impact grants open in December.  GBC would like to get SAC up and running for next school year.
  • Going forward, can we add updates from the district level Special Education Parent Community Advisory Board that  Michael Joseph is attending?

 New Business: 

  • Let’s try changing the Council meeting start time to 5:30 to see if attendance increases.
  • Upcoming Council - December 21 from 5:30 - 7:30 - We will have a dine & donate so everyone can pick up carry-out if they would like.  There will be a community cookie exchange. 
  • Aperture night - Preferred date for ⅞ team falls on the May Council meeting.  Can we combine the May Council meeting with Aperture Night?

Adjourned: 7:47 PM