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Council Notes May 18 2023

Horizons K-8 School
Council Meeting Notes

Date: 5/18/23
Time: 6:05
In Attendance: Magliaros, Lucas, Mike, John Bogosian, Allyson, Adam, Julie, Travis Lockhart, Bargo, Lynn, Elizabeth, Mindy Hutt, Brooke Fritz, Rachel Mentz, Dustin Clelen, Joel Gratz, Carline Gursky, Micah Schwalb, Joy, Eric and Katie Goldgeiger, Olly Glosband, Mike, Suzanne Tadros, Julie L, Shannon Lamb, Susan Twetten, Barb, Thomas, Sindy, Kevin Crouse, Mercedes, Diana Stone, Jannell, Juliana, Joanne S, Jeanne, Arabians, Nina Rogers
Minimum of 20 member quorum established.
Facilitators: Lucas Ketzer, Mike Ashmore
Notetaker: Maggie Anderson

6:00 Introductions

6:05  Communication Agreements/Procedure/Concordance/Minutes : Adam and Lucas explained the reasons behind these agreements/policies and how they are foundational to our school. 

6:10 Committee Reports

  • EDB: Allyson - Compiled a reading list for summer about bettering ourselves and our community, podcasts too, Next year’s agenda: No Place for Hate, bookclubs

  • Finance Review Committee: Elizabeth - itemized list of purchased services, how is learning lab funded/reimbursed - minutes vs # of students using services

  • Fundraising Committee: 173K out of 208K goal, finalize fee schedule for next year, creating an annual report

  • District Accountability Committee: John - Q&A, school finance act, split into subcommittees, ours was student life, more communication tools

  • DPC - Kristen - budget update from CFO, Adoption will be in June, May 23 next public input, employee compensation and inflation

  • HCG Elizabeth - end of year picnic, finalizing budget from this year, goodbye gifts, calendar for next year, join next year!

6:30 Council Budget

  • Fund 11 is our major operating budget, Council is separate budget we use for fundraising - pays for parent led initiatives, etc. 

  • Projecting 70K in revenues CO gives and HawkBucks

  • Fees next year will hit fund 11 budget

  • Goal of 20K from spring auction next year

  • Projecting 12K in interest next year

  • 101K projecting for council budget next year

  • Winter sports would be funded through fees and would hit fund 11 (might be scaled back compared to past)

  • BVSD allocates for services for IEPs.  no anticipated reduction in the services received, MS literacy intervention was cut (council could contribute to fund 11)

Proposal to approve budget by Mike, Adam seconded, council passes budget via concordance

7:00 Board Elections

  • Travis Lockhart and Michelle Bargo are our new Parent Board Members

7:30 Open Forum

  • Discussion about notetaking for board meetings and how to get information out faster

  • Gratitude to Lucas for leading us the last four years

  • Cohesion between grade levels - field trips

  • Drowning in communications, disappointment in areas that are being cut from the budget, how can we address this?, communicate that discussions are happening - special communications, recorded meetings, deep discussion about how to inform parents and get them involved

  • As a community do we need to change how we are communicating/functioning, 

  • Electing board positions - August

7: Adjourn