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Council Notes April 20 2023

Horizons K-8 School
Council Meeting Minutes

Date: 4/20/23
Time: 6pm

Minimum of 20 member quorum established
Facilitators: Lucas Ketzer, Mike Ashmore
Notetaker: Maggie Anderson

6:00 Introductions

6:05 Communication Agreements/Procedure/Concordance/Minutes – Jim

6:10 Committee Reports

  • District Accountability Committee:  John – discussed academics vs development, BVSD is focus on teacher training, college preparedness/industry certifications, UIP (Unified Improvement Plan) doesn’t have definitive timeline, but discussed best practices, equitable, restorative practices, MTSS (Multi Tier Support System)
  • District Parent Council – No update
  • Fundraising: Sindy – Bookfair was a huge success and joy. Upcoming social on Saturday.
  • Equity, Diversity, & Belonging Committee – Evening with Kick2Build, Rerooting workshop on the 27th
  • Horizons Community Group: Elizabeth – Spring swap on  21st, Plant sale May 12, Horizons Steering Committee on 21st
  • Financial Review Committee: Lucas – We looked through budget proposals and how we pay teachers out for annual leave
  • Lucas celebrating Lauren and Holland for heading up the addition of a shade structure over our checkerboard area in the courtyard

6:30 Budget update and long term sustainability – Presentation of board plan

Our costs to the district went up (increasing our expenses) funding from federal program to help make up for learning loss during covid, literacy interventionist funding being cut too, $900K shortfall for next year if we don’t adjust anything.

This budget won’t  get us to a zero budget for next year, incremental changes will be better for folks to handle, and can accommodate upcoming potential changes in funding (mill levies, governors plans, etc).

Lucas explained the overall working of the budget and balancing expenses vs revenue vs drawing down reserves.  He talked about what the council budget money goes to.

We are adding 19 students, which leaves the door open to add more next year if we need to.

Hilary: We are on budget for this year

Discussed how parents can help in the classroom so teachers can focus on interventions, etc, 

Discussing the pros and cons of fees vs donations, we don’t want money to be a hindrance to families wanting to be at Horizons, and we may unintentionally do that if we require fees.

Discussion about how to educate parents (especially new ones) about how Horizons works.

8:10 Adjourn