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Council Notes Jan 20 2022

Council Notes 1/20/22

Facilitator: Mike Ashmore

Note Taker: Maggie Anderson


Communication Agreements and Concordance: Peter explained

Concordance Presentation by Edgar Papke: Edgar talked about the concordance model of decision-making and how Horizons uses a student and community-focused model of education, based on the principles of trust and honesty. Every voice matters. Success depends on the culture of the team. Listening and empathy are key.

Discussion: Who is eligible to vote for a parent board member.

Introductions of board member candidates: Micah Schwalb and Mike Tadros.

Vote on Board Member

Mission, Vision, Values Discussion: Lucas explained the background of the consideration and how this is an opportunity to reexamine Horizons. He explained the Mission, Vision, Values (MVV) document and how Council came to the vote tonight.

Conversations about justice and what the initial purpose/vision of the school was. The concept of the school being a laboratory was discussed. Adam noted that we have always strived to evolve and aspired to be better.

Council looked at the Vision statements in the MVV document.

Peter described students’ input related to the MVV document.

Conversations about how language guides the community towards action and represents what our students need. Discussion about where we want to grow and how renewing these concepts is a lengthy process.

Proposal to tweak Mission A and Vision B based on this discussion and the student’s statements, as well as to tweak the values in alignment with the vision/mission in the future. No objections were made to this proposal.

Committee updates will happen via email.

Board Member Vote Goes to Mike Tadros.

Adjourn: 8:34