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Council Notes Oct 21 2021

Horizons Council Meeting


6:00 Introductions

6:10 Communication Agreements/Procedures/Concordance/Minutes

6:15 Celebrating Horizon’s Students 

  • Teran – shared student podcasts
  • Kate – shared about the ¾ Research Skills Group

6:30 Mission/Vision/Values Update

Our goal is to present the mission/vision/values statements to next month’s council meeting.

6:45 Committee Reports

  • DAC – Looking for a representative
  • DPC – No update
  • EDB – Erica Baruch reports:
    • EDB is updating the open enrollment preference list to prioritize students that qualify for free/reduced lunch
    • Updating the EDB page of the website, as well as other areas of the website
    • Podcast discussion next month
  • HCG – Elizabeth Parady:
    • Fall Dance, Costume Parade, Teacher Appreciation, Original Works, Coffee Connections, 
  • Finance Review Committee: recommends money from BVSD to be spent on staff bonuses. Council budget looks good, 
  • Board Report – Mike Ashmore reports continued discussion of the mission/vision/values statement, covid testing and vaccinations

7:00 Proposal from Lucas: Council funds for clubs/after school programs ($15K). This would draw down our reserves by $38,200 and our ending balance would be $587,221

7:10 Title IX Update: Supporting our students to create a safe and inclusive community, Vaccines and Testing

7:30 Open Forum

  • Encourage more people to opt into biweekly testing
  • Artastic, where to allocate funds
  • Students are excited about clubs
  • Raptor system being implemented

8:00 Adjourn