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Council Notes Nov 18 2021

Horizon Council Meeting


6:00 Introductions

6:10 Communication Agreements/Procedures/Concordance/Minutes

6:15 Celebrating Horizons Students – Ryan shared the work of his ⅞ grade students doing the trial Thomas Jefferson

6:30 Committee Reports – 

  • District Parent Council – Dr. Anderson covid update, testing is happening, mental health resources available, ending SRO program
  • Equity Diversity Belonging – Erica Baruch discussed Open Enrollment, Updating the website, book clubs
  • Horizons Community Group – Elizabeth Parady – Latest events went really well, next up is teacher appreciation, gift giving, helping with Artastic, helping kids with social media
  • Finance Review Commitee – Revenue and expenses are tracking well, continue to draw down reserves over the next five years, money freed for clubs
  • Board Report – Covid testing, Continued Mission/Vision/Values discussion, all are invited to the board meeting

6:45 Vision Update & Discussion

The purpose of the vision statement was discussed, as well as the pros and cons of using different terms in it. The importance of collective ownership was emphasized, as well as how Horizons has always been a school about challenging the status-quo.

7:30 Open Forum

This time was used to continue the vision statement discussion

8:00 Adjourn