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Council Notes Mar 18, 2021

Horizon Council Meeting


6:00 Introductions

6:10 Communication Agreements

6:15 Adam Brink (3-4 teacher) and Beth Coleman (K teacher) share classroom news.  Beth calls for volunteers for Peace Garden in the Horizons’ courtyard

6:30 Head of School Announcements

  • Thanks to volunteers for setting up outdoor tables
  • Review of pick-up drop-off locations
  • Review of COVID mitigation practices
  • Questions from the community regarding parents congregating at drop-off pick-up
  • Discussion of staff vaccinations
  • Lucas calls for volunteers to mentor new Horizons families
  • Lucas calls for new board members

6:50 Committee Reports

                Horizons Community Group – Callie Gartner, upcoming book talk on “Deep Kindness”

                District Parent Council – Lucas reports on state’s testing waiver request and snow day

Equity, Diversity, belonging – Erica Baruch, discusses review of website, forthcoming proposals for including low-income families, CASTE book discussion, Mascot submission, May 4th facilitated discussion with Vernon Jones

Meeting Concludes at 7:05