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Council Notes Feb 18 2021

Horizons K-8 Council Minutes


6:00 Welcome and introductions (Lucas, Tyler)

6:10 Announcements

  • Lucas discusses CMAS testing this spring.  Testing is planned.  Home learners may take tests at school.  Parents may contact Karen for details.
  • Lucas describes Covid testing program and will send link to parents on 02/19
  • Lucas discusses re-opening plan, directing community to notes from the re-opening committee
  • Update to 5-8th grade morning supervision program
  • No changes for K-4 enrichment program starting Feb 19th

6:25 Teacher Share Out

  • Lynn and Peter share elements of the 5-6 afternoon program, including an overview of Passageworks and video clips of student statements

6:40 Council Budget

  • Lucas presents and revised Council budget and takes questions.
  • Lucas motions to accept revised Council budget; Tyler 2nds
  • Motion carries

6:50 Committee Reports

  • District Accountability Committee (Karla)
    • Last district meeting concerned changes to District calendar – little impact to Horizons
    • Lucas discusses next school year’s academic calendar
  • District Parent Council (Kat)
    • Overview of District vaccination program
    • Overview of Covid “catchup” plan
  • Diversity, Equity, Belonging Committee (Erica)
    • Summarizes discussion with facilitator Vernon Jones
    • Mascot renaming contest update (Jess)
    • Book club invitation
  • Horizons Community Group (Callie)
    • Virtual pancake breakfast was a success
    • Yearbook submission deadline coming up
  • Horizons Board (Tyler)
    • Charter contact still pending
    • Reduced allocated reserve required from 15% to 8%
    • Adjusted open enrollment preferences

7:15  Open Forum

  • Sherry gives update on Health curriculum
  • Tracy shares student video

7:25 Meeting concludes