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Council Notes Dec 7 2021

Council Notes 12/7/21

Facilitator:  Mike Ashmore

Note Taker:  Hope Nelson-Roohr

Mike explains Communication Agreements and Concordance


Vote on Mission, Vision & Values (MVV)

Lucas explains background of the consideration. Opportunity to re-examine.

Explains MVV document and how Council came to the vote tonight.

Conversation about JUSTICE and how to move forward. 

Council looked at the Vision statements in the MVV document.

Conversation about process, concordance, and the difficulty of moving forward.

Narrow down to a few vision statements and survey the school population?

Council took a poll on whether they can live with:

A community of reflective thinkers who advocate for themselves, others, and a just world.

Not everyone put a thumb up. 

Board will talk about strategic planning & MVV.  Then Lucas will send out the versions we are close to approving to the whole school. Suggested we include what we do not like about the original versions.