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Board Minutes September 14 2023

Horizons K8 School
Board Meeting Minutes
Date: 9/14/23

Call to Order: 6:05 PM

Facilitators: Jasmine Graves Black-Clemons, Mike Tadros
Notetaker: Michelle Bargo
Timekeeper: Kristin Hauger
Process Observer: Travis Lockhart

Google Meet Link:

Present In person: Kristin Hauger, Jasmine GBC, Mike Tadros, Travis Lockhart, Emmy Kurtz, Fran Cohen, Jim Freund, Michelle Bargo, Elizabeth Parady, Rob Horansky
Absent: Stephanie Landrum, Adam Brink, Mike Ashmore

  • Quorum established- yes

Consent Agenda:  Approve current agenda, Approve prior minutes - small change to last meeting’s minutes to document a concorded vote Board Meeting Agenda – September 14, 2023.docx - Google Docs

  • Motion to approve -  Mike Tadros
    Second -  Jim F

Head of School Updates: 
Enrollment - 363 students, a few administrative transfers coming through on 9/15/23 - should be at 366; 2 students planning for international move but date of departure is unknown

Staffing - Elizabeth Parady is office manager, new ⅚ para, offer extended to ½ para today, part time ½ para, 1 open position; health para position will be opening as Betty is departing

OE cost percentages - schoolwide 75% paid


Committee Updates: No DPC rep yet for 23/24

EDB - Equity, Diversity and Belonging Meeting Notes - Google Docs

HCG - Steering Committee meeting tomorrow to find a replacement leader for the group

Dev Committee: Discussed structure of fundraising at Horizons; 1st Wed. of the month but 2nd Wed. only in October

SAC: Performance plan (85.7) which is highest we can be in BVSD  CO UIP (

FRC: reviewed relevant bylaws; clear plan and goals developed; still waiting for 22/23 actuals from BVSD; Compensation Committee to gather data on compensation at Horizons

Faculty Board Vacancy - Can we make an exception for the 3 year rule regarding a teacher who would like to be a faculty member of the board?  This would be a one-off rather than an official change of bylaws

  • Motion: To allow a one-off exception this school year to elect a faculty board member with 2 or more years of experience to be elected to the board 
    Motion to approve:  Mike T.
    Second the motion:  Fran

Revision of Bylaws:  Previous changes to Bylaws left some of the references to various sections incorrect.  These were corrected by Mike T.  

  • Motion to approve: Mike T.
    Second the motion: Jim

Process Observer: Travis

  • Can we have a visual timer?
  • Google meets glitches getting worked out

Adjourn: 8:07 PM