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Board Minutes May 11 2023

Horizons K8 School
Board Meeting Minutes
Date: 5/11/23

Call to Order: 6:05

Facilitators: Mike Ashmore, Lucas Ketzer
Notetaker: Maggie Anderson
Timekeeper: Adam
Process Observer:

Present: Rob, Elizabeth, Jim, Lucas, Allyson, Stephanie, Mike Tadros, Adam, Jessica, Fran


Quorum established 

Public Comment- Sarah Wise

Consent Agenda: 

  • Approve current agenda
    Prior Minutes

Motion to approve -  Rob
Second - Mike

Head of School Updates

  • End of Year Events - Graduation, Plant Sale, Student Sales, Pizza Friday, Variety Friday

  • Hiring Update - Solid candidates for many open positions (5 paras), interviews will go into the week after the last week of school

  • Transition Plan with Jasmine - meet with various people in June

  • Board Candidate Update - 4 opening

FRC -board letter to request evaluate sped needs minutes with district (CFO of BVSD), look into how district is allocating , numbers are going up every year, Lucas will draft letter adn board will sign

Salary Schedule - Mike Tadros presented questions to ask regarding faculty salaries The goal being to remain competitive, retain top talent, Horizons favors longevity and has done so historically, 

Are there regions of the schedule that we can be strategic about? 

Mike presented data showing where we offer more than BVSD and where we offer less. American Teachers Act (all teachers have minimum salaries of $60K) Mike showed where we align with that act and where we dont

Horizons Council - Mike presented a document addressing how we could improve council meetings, how to inspire parents to come, how we could improve education to the community about what it is, 

CO League of Charter Schools training opportunities - free offerings paid, discounted offerings as well, strategic planning , nondiscrimination training,  improve transitions between board members  

Discussion about the role of the board, we need a uniform way to receive feedback

Karens letter - Jess says she thinks the AP should report to the board 
Desiree’s letter
Adam - propose to table this and let Jasmine and the board next year tackle it

Rob: agenda for next year, how communications are handled and what decisions does the board make 

Process Observer: 
Topics were concise and well structured
Dialogue was to the point
Tricky topics
Fruitful progress

Adjourn: 7:55