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Board Minutes March 21 2023

  1. Public Comment from Cory Pavicich- comment on support for Principal Candidate Jasmine
  2. Elizabeth reviewed FY 23/24 budget

Budget Planning

Jessica: Overall budget and the $905K starting deficit does not include Council Funds moved into Fund 11 because doing so was “masking” the budget imbalance issues. This was a smart budget exercise but not a comprehensive view of a budget for planning purposes. The net result is that we could end up making deeper than necessary budget cuts to balance the budget in 1 year, rather than looking at a more realistic view that includes some Council budget funds and extending to a 2- or 3-year view. 

Jessica: Propose that we look at the budget deficit using a more conservative transfer of council funds into the Fund 11 budget before we make final decisions on budget cuts.

Agreement by the FRC to work up various scenarios using Council funds at more conservative levels and with a 1-, 2-, and 3-year forecasted budget and discuss those at our next board meeting before making further budget decisions and cuts beyond what might be decided upon tonight.

Allyson: We should also look at other potential cuts that maybe were not included by the teacher subcommittee.

Jessica: Yes, was informed that 5 FTE at the admin level is “unprecedented” or certainly high for our size school, as an example. 

Headcount decision

Need to make before the pool of prospective students is depleted.

Jim: Taking 1 student now per class is preferable than scrambling to add more later when we’re in a tighter spot.

Proposal caps the grade levels – so motion can include additional students and grade level maximums.

Elizabeth: Motion for addition of 38 students in the 2023-2024 school year and beyond with grade level caps as stated in proposal/by Lucas.

No second of the motion.

Allyson: Would be open to discussing the addition of 19 students but not ready to jump to 38 in the coming year.

Allyson: Motion for the addition of 19-20 students beginning in the 2023-2024 school year and forward with the changes as outlined in Proposal A by the teacher subcommittee.

Jessica: Second the motion

Vote: No quorum

Jim: Do teachers need to recuse themselves from this type of vote?

Lucas: Teachers could recuse even though it’s not a cost decision but rather a revenue decision

More discussion about the balance of additions with grade level caps.

Compromise to cap the following: 40 for Kinder, 80 for 1-2, 80 for 3-4, 88 for 5-6, 88 for 7-8


Motion to add 19 students for the 2023-2024 school year and going forward with grade level caps as follows: 40 for Kinder, 80 for 1-2, 80 for 3-4, 88 for 5-6, 88 for 7-8

Jessica: Second

Vote: Parent board members unanimous, teacher board members recused

Elizabeth: Next steps?

Lucas will hit go tomorrow with Maggie.

Michael: Close of meeting at 8:48pm