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Board Minutes Feb 9 2023

Horizons K8 School
Board Meeting Minutes
Date: 2/9/23

Call to Order: 6:05
Facilitators: Lucas, Mike
Notetaker: Maggie
Timekeeper: Mike Tadros
Process Observer: Rob Horansky

Present: Lucas, Mike A, Mike T, Caroline, Adam, Allyson, Karen, Lynn, Hilary, Elizabeth, Rob, Brooke, Melissa, Aubrey, Lisa L, Nicoleta, Shannon, Kevin, Megan, Julie, Maggie
Absent: Peter, Stephanie, Jessica, Fran (arrived late)

Public Comment (none)
Consent Agenda: 

Head of School Updates

  • Professional Development Work: Faculty are continuing trauma informed training. We are also discussing potential adoption of a new literacy curriculum in K-4. Literacy curriculum needs to meet certain CDE requirements.  Horizons is looking into different options to align with BVSD. Our goal is in the 24-25 school year to have selected and implemented a new program. Next year, we may pilot a new curriculum, Into Reading. Right now we have a variety of curriculum, including Orton Gillingham
  • Staffing for FY24 – process we start at the beginning of January. Hilary and Lucas discuss positions that will need to be posted by Feb 21. Lucas will have more info at the next board meeting. 

Head of School search update

  • Process – the committee  had a productive meeting, we have ten candidates, looking over the rubric that was created, going to be taken back to faculty and create interview questions

FRC – Meeting Minutes, Elizabeth

  • Five parents came to the meeting, Hilary/Desiree created a one sheet proposal and a parent offered to create new ways of proposing different budget scenarios. The school is not sustainable beyond three years. Lucas is looking into how much involvement  the faculty want in budget making decisions and the faculty created a budget subcommittee
  • Lucas: Last year when we approved our budget, the board directed us to draw down reserves. If we keep everything the same as this year: drawdown of $690K (doesn’t include fundraising money), $140K is the hope for fundraising. Lucas is asking faculty:  how do we as a faculty make a decision to bridge the gap? Budget subcommittee group will meet 2 more times and the goal is to concord on one of the three scenarios (or a mix of scenarios) by February 24th. At the March board meeting, Lucas will bring faculty suggestions.  BVSD may give an 8.3% cost of living raise (depending on legislation), so Horizons is looking to see what that raise may look like for us and how we can stay competitive with BVSD salaries.
  • Mike T supports the idea of tapering off the shortfall in the budget, while continuing to draw down the reserves. He wants us to be competitive with other teaching positions
  • Fran: faculty group talked  about long term ways to attract and keep quality talent, what can we do to reduce costs? This is a very collaborative approach
  • Elizabeth would like to see a balanced budget
  • FY23 Budget 
  • FY24 Budget

Fundraising Committee

  • Elizabeth: $137K in fundraising so far and a couple people signed up for monthly donations via CO Gives.Fundraising Committee is drafting a letter to community about the process and how to do it. The committee discussed the spring fundraising push. Katie and Michelle took over grocery cards. Gift cards aren’t as lucrative,  so focus on groceries and spirit wear. 

Other Topics (none)
Approve last month’s board minutes
Process Observer:
Good, respectful discussion

Adjourn: 7:58