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Board Minutes August 31 2023

Horizons K8 School
Board Meeting Minutes
Date: 8/31/23

Call to Order: (time)6:04 PM

Facilitators: Jasmine Graves Black-Clemons, Mike Ashmore
Notetaker: Kristin Hauger
Timekeeper: Adam
Process Observer: Rob

Present: Zoom: Fran Cohen, In person: Mike Ashmore, Rob Horansky, Michelle Bargo, Travis Lockhart, Mike Tadros, Adam Brink, Jim Freund, Kristin Hauger, Jasmine Graves Black-Clemons, Elizabeth Parady, Stephanie Landrum 

Absent: none
Quorum established 

Public Comment: Person 1: Allyson DeSart - EDB - invites board members to join 

Consent Agenda: Approve current agenda  and Prior Minutes 

  • Motion to approve -  Elizabeth
    Second -  Adam

Board chair - Mike Tadros
Vice chair - Mike Ashmore
Secretary - Michelle Bargo
Treasurer -Elizabeth Parady
Unanimously concorded

Head of School Updates

  • Motion: The numbering of each class falls in the purview of the administration and staff.

Faculty and administration are in charge of enrollment numbers. 

  • Motion to approve: Mike Ashmore
    Second: Elizabeth Parady


Other Topics:

  • Communications committee formation - Mike will take an action to pull that charter together and welcomes feedback
    Board members parent paperwork/notarized
    Colorado League of Charter Schools board training
    Gender neutral bathrooms
    Barrier between school grounds and park
  • Council 
  • Compensation committee

Process Observer: 
Timed beautifully  Respectful communication

Adjourn: 7:48