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Board Meeting November 9 2023

Horizons K8 School
Board Meeting Minutes
Date: 11/9/23

Call to Order: 6:04 PM

Facilitators: Kristin Hauger, Mike Tadros
Notetaker: Michelle Bargo
Timekeeper:  Adam Brink
Process Observer: Travis Lockhart

Present In Person: Mike Tadros, Kristin Hauger,  Emmy Kurtz, Fran Cohen, Jim Freund, Michelle Bargo, Elizabeth Parady, Adam Brink, Mike Ashmore, Travis Lockhart
Absent: Rob Horansky, Jasmine GBC, Kristy Lewis
Present Virtually:  Shoshana Zerbock

  • Quorum established

Consent Agenda:  Approve current agenda, approve prior minutes Agenda: Board Meeting Agenda – November 9, 2023.docx

  • Motion to approve consent agenda- Mike Tadros 
    Second -  Mike Ashmore

Head of School Updates: Kristin Hauger (as a proxy for GBC)
Staffing - Lucy (Lynn’s para) resigned effective 12/21; need a sub for Jeannie starting in January; Jeannie will cover for Sara who is going to be on maternity leave in January; Zoe is established in the health para role; FTE for Kim Welch increased from .9 to 1.0; Stephanie Laundrum took the .5 position for SPED which was approved by BVSD

Council/ Open Enrollment Date - Community members are working hard to prepare our open enrollment tours.  Prospective families can observe next week’s Council meeting  as part of their open house experience.  

What is the reason that students move to another school for 6, 7, 8?  It would be great to begin administering exit interviews to departing students to determine this.

Head of School Evaluation Process: Michelle Bargo
New file in the Shared Board Folder: 2023 -2024 Horizons Head of School Evaluation Procedures - merged some of the hiring rubric used to hire GBC into the existing Horizons Principal Effectiveness Standards

Action items: Present Effectiveness Standards to GBC; GBC writes 4-6 goals for herself; GBC’s goals are presented back to the committee and to the board

Open Enrollment Numbers Due in December:  Elizabeth Parady
Runs from November 1 - January 9;  acceptance letters go out 1/12/2024; families must accept and register within 10 days to secure their space

In last April’s board meeting the board concorded on 375 as a total enrollment number for Horizons.  Current enrollment as of October count: 359 students;  3 additional students are currently in the process of enrolling at Horizons

Discussed GBC and Kristin reaching out to current 5th grade families to discuss their plans to help clarify the number of seats that will become available for incoming 6th graders

Moving Council Time: Elizabeth Parady
At last month’s Council meeting, the possibility of moving up the start time of future Council meetings was raised (i.e., 5:30 - 7:30); nothing is written into the bylaws related to the start time of the Council Meetings

Committee Positions and Dates:

Mike Ashmore - 359 students in the building on 10/2 so we’re being funded at this level; we cannot be funded for the 3 additional students because they enrolled outside the October count window 

Going forward we will need 2 parent board executives to become “key executors” for the Wells Fargo bank account to make transitions smoother.

  • Motion: To add the parent Treasurer as a key executor for the Wells Fargo bank account.  Fran Cohen
    Second: Adam Brink

Development - Busy with Hawksbucks, Artastic, and long-term planning for the Spring Fling auction; incentives for fundraising; great parent volunteers!

Process Observer:  Travis Lockhart
On time, on topic, look into audiovisual equipment to improve the virtual experience

Adjourn: 7:29 PM