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Board Minutes October 12 2023
Board Meeting Agenda – October 12, 2023.docx
Horizons K8 School
Board Meeting Minutes
Date: 10/12/23

Call to Order: 6:05 PM
Facilitators: Jasmine Graves Black-Clemons, Mike Ashmore
Notetaker: Michelle Bargo
Timekeeper:  Adam Brink
Process Observer: Stephanie Landrum

Present In person: Kristin Hauger, Jasmine GBC, Emmy Kurtz, Fran Cohen, Jim Freund, Michelle Bargo, Elizabeth Parady, Kristy Lewis, Rob Horansky, Shoshana Zerbock, Adam Brink, Mike Ashmore, Travis Lockhart
Present Virtually:  Mike Tadros

  • Quorum established - Yes

Consent Agenda:  Approve current agenda, Approve prior minutes Board Meeting 9/14/23 - Google Docs

  • Motion to approve - Rob Horansky
    Second -  Jim Freund

  • Election of Offices: Parent Chair of the Board (Mike Tadros), Vice Chair (Mike Ashmore), Secretary (Michelle Bargo), Treasurer (Mike Ashmore)

Head of School Updates: GBC
Enrollment - 363 students (Our budget reflects 367 students enrolled.)

Staffing - BVSD will pay to increase FTE for SPED by .5 FTE; GBC would like to use Horizons’ budget for another .25 FTE or a .5 para.  All para positions were filled this week.

BVSD Showcase - Huge success!

Counseling Position - We will be looking to increase Jeremy’s position from .4 to .5 or .75 for 24/25 school year

  • Motion: To approve the extra SPED sum (either .25 FTE or .5 para) from the Horizons budget to meet the special education needs of the school.  This is in addition to the .5 allotted by the district.
    Motion to approve:  Adam Brink
    Second the motion:  Rob Horansky

Head of School Evaluation Process: Michelle: reviewed the process

  • Motion: To form the Principal Evaluation Committee with Mike Ashmore, Adam Brink, Michelle Bargo, and Parent President of the Board
    Motion to approve: Michelle Bargo
    Second the motion: Adam Brink

Committee Positions and Dates:

FRC - We overestimated benefits and salary so we are in a better place than anticipated at the end of last school year.  At 81% of OE donations as a whole school.

Development - Preparing marketing for CO Gives! 

  • Motion: To extend time to discuss Committee Positions
    Motion made to approve;

New Board Business: 
Board Manuals were distributed tonight, and all board members have access to the board drive.

Salary Review Committee: Mike Tadros reviewed draft resolution.

  • Motion: To accept the draft compensation committee resolution.
    Motion: Adam Brink
    Seconded: Rob Horansky

Committee Members:  Mike Tadros, Travis, Jasmine, Representative from CO League of Charters

Resolution_Compensation Committee_Oct 12_2023 - Google Docs

Process Observer:  Stephanie Landrum
Early adjournment, respectful, on-topic meeting

Adjourn: 7:40 PM