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Board Minutes Sept 8 2022

Horizons K8 School
Board Meeting Minutes
September 8, 2022

Call to Order: 6:05
Facilitators: Lucas Ketzer, Mike Ashmore
Notetaker: Maggie Anderson
Process Observer: Lucas Ketzer

Present: Adam Brink, Mike Ashmore, Elizabeth Parady, Fran Cohen, Peter Hegelbach, Mike Tadros, Lucas Ketzer, Allyson DeSart, Jessica Hogan, Lynn Pence, Ryan Conrad
Absent: Karen Wolfer

Quorum established

Public Comment
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Consent Agenda:
Approved current agenda
Approved Prior Minutes

Motion to approve – Mike, Second- Lucas

Head of School Updates-
2021 SPF – Lucas explained the report. Horizons had low participation as many families opted their student(s) out of the test. Report will be made public on the Colorado Department of Education website soon.
SAC/UIP – Next steps: Karen & Lucas will create a unified improvement plan, present to the School Accountability Committee (SAC), present to faculty, then to the board. Anyone is welcome to sit on the SAC – open committee.
Jessica – can we have a unified voice on this data when parents ask? Lucas will work on messaging to the community.
Board Vacancies – vote next week at Council meeting
OE Trips – Celebrate the work and planning. Kids were beaming.

Elizabeth is the new Board Treasurer
Fiscal Year just recently closed and we received end of year numbers from the district
We drew down reserves
Will continue to draw down reserves this fiscal year
Given our current revenue and expense projections, we will not be able to meet our reserve goal in FY25
We will use this year to formulate a plan to increase revenue/decrease expenses
Unknowns in the budget – retirements, state funding
Fundraising Committee – committee is revising the wording and approach for fundraising, 23% of our fundraising goal has been reached so far

Strategic Planning – Board discussed next area of strategic plan to address
Lucas proposes to work on decision making matrix areas that are most important, and then move onto another topic (parent engagement)
Consensus was reached

Process Observer: Lucas
We did a good job staying on track timewise
Appreciate thought partners for these big ideas
We covered a lot and everyone has a better understanding of our process moving forward

Adjourn: 7:48