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Board Minutes - Oct 13 2022

Horizons K8 School
Board Meeting Minutes
October 13, 2022

Mike Ashmore
Jess Hogan
Allyson DeSart
Rob Horansky
Mike Tadros
Lucas Ketzer
Karen Wolfer

Peter Hegelbach
Elizabeth Parady
Ryan Conrad

Community Members:
Lynn Pence
Fran Cohen

Open Forum: Adelaide, an 8th grader, discussed the need for a Gender Sexuality Alliance club at HK8.

Consent Agenda:
Motion to approve Lucas, 2nd Mike A, approved

HOS update:
UIP overview – Karen discussed the UIP and the goals for the next two years, including the reasons for CMAS – as defined by UIP needs and goals.
Action – if a letter goes out regarding CMAS, we need to discuss more.

Budget FRC Update:
No new numbers. BVSD is still working on this. All school budget documents to keep track of spending at this time. Delayed on both EOY and monthly reports.
Lucas – SpEd funding – State mandate that would allow us to manage the SpEd department ourselves, rather than the $30K we pay BVSD. Lucas went to a meeting to learn more about this. It would be significantly difficult to make this happen. Suggestion from the Colorado League of Charter Schools was that schools would need a significant reserve to make this feasible. However, it is an option, and might be something we consider at a future time.
Lucas – fundraising – Committee continuing to meet and strategize and the Auction committee is working on a Spring celebration.

Board Membership:
Proposal – Take the HOS and AHOS off of the Board as voting members. Keep faculty members at 6.
1. HOS directly reports to the board, so as a member of the board makes this awkward.
2. Also, it would allow for a more diverse membership of the faculty – increase actual number of faculty members – from other areas of the staff.
3. This would not change the structure of the meeting or who reports, but it would change who votes.
4. HOS does not get named as a title in the bylaws, but the responsibilities are named. The AHOS is not named.

Proposal : Accept the revisions in the red-lined document, with the amendment that “Preside” changed to “Participates Openly” in section 5.6 subsection E. – Proposed by Karen.
Jess seconds. Elizabeth Abstains. Concordance reached.

Further Board Business: Ryan did reach out to the ⅞ team for supporting the GSA. ⅚ – Peter supports as well. Karen as well. Adam would like to see it K-8.
Is there any other educational or outreach needed or available that we can look for?
What is the ideal time for this to meet?

Time keeper : We did a great job keeping time.
Process Observer: Addy- again thank you for your well spoken piece. Avoided getting stuck in the weeds. Good discussion and completing a vote. Virtual – this is an issue – not ideal. Hybrid is not easy. How can we solve this?

Mike adjourns at 7:39.