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Board Minutes Nov 10 2022

Horizons K8 School
Board Meeting Minutes
Date: 11/10/22

Call to Order: 6:20
Facilitators: Mike Ashmore, Lucas Ketzer
Notetaker: Maggie Anderson
Timekeeper: Peter Hegelbach
Process Observer: Adam Brink
Present: Lucas Ketzer, Mike Ashmore, Elizabeth Parady, Lynn Pence, Karen Wolfer, Allyson DeSart, Peter Hegelbach, Rob Horansky, Adam Brink,  Aubrey Demmon
Absent: Jess Hogan, Mike Tadros, Ryan Conrad

Quorum established 

Public Comment

  • No public comment

Consent Agenda: 

Motion to approve – Mike Ashmore

Second – Elizabeth


Head of School Updates

  • Winter Sports – Discussion with faculty – beginning stages of planning, might look different than it did in the past, we’ve already budgeted for Winter Sports, transportation costs have increased substantially
  • UIP Draft – our UIP is approved, will be public at the beginning of January

Board Membership – Faculty agreed that various viewpoints are more valuable than having different grades represented. The faculty will have interested people submit answers to questions about why they are interested and what their skillset is, faculty will vote Dec 2.

FRC Meeting Minutes Lucas:  There are different ways to look at long term planning of the school, these are not recommendations, just jumping off points, PPP loan and reserves mean this could be a phased in approach, long term we want revenue to equal expenses, $665K is what we need to fundraise to balance the budget
Faculty is looking to board to shape the options available
Less we spend now, the longer we have before our reserves are drawn down

Long Term Budgeting Spreadsheet

Fundraising Committee – Elizabeth: We still don’t have up to date budget to actuals. Hilary is working with BVSD for numbers so we can make our revised budget by January. Current fundraising as of Nov 2: $95K, 

Other Board Business: We’ll have some kind of winter activity in the spirit of what we’ve done in the past for winter sports, up to faculty’s capacity. 

Process Observer: 

  • Schedule, but based on needs
  • Left with a lot of questions
  • Lucas is doing a great job, handling a lot

Adjourn: 8:00