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Board Minutes May 12 2022

Horizons K8 School
Board Meeting Minutes
May 12, 2022

Call to Order: 6:01
Facilitators: Lucas Ketzer, Mike Ashmore
Notetaker: Maggie Anderson
Timekeeper: Ryan Conrad
Process Observer: Jess Hogan

Present: Jess Hogan, Adam Brink, Ryan Conrad, Peter Hegelbach, Rachel Buckley, Allyson DeSart, Karen Wolfer, Aubrey Demmon, Lucas Ketzer, Mike Ashmore, Mike Tadros
Absent: Stacey Acquavella

Quorum established (at least 3 staff & 3 parent members)
Public Comment

  • Elizabeth Parady: frustrated with communication around head of school survey, people didn’t understand that council was the only way for parents to participate in the survey, spirit wear sales is another example

Consent Agenda: 

  • Approve current agenda
  • Prior Minutes

Motion to approve – Lucas Ketzer

Second – Ryan Conrad


Head of School Updates

  • Hiring Update – K para and temp ⅚ teacher
  • Upcoming End of Year Events – graduation is in person, fun run, fun day, transition day
  • Update on aftercare – BVSD will be running our program next year. 
  • Parent board vacancies – deadline is tomorrow to submit intent
  • Council is next Thursday – discuss two remaining values that we haven’t concorded on yet


  • Approve next year’s budget, Reviewed at last week’s meeting notes
  • March financials are late, district is backlogged
  • Next board has opportunity to revisit budget if the beginning balance is more than 5% different than expected (concord on budget with this caveat)
  • Draw down our ESSER funds
  • Splitting payment PPP loan across the next three years
  • Lucas suggests using reserves for supporting students during post-pandemic time. To help students who are behind, put money towards interventionists, keeping paras, social emotional learning (this idea based on teacher comments)
  • Goal is revenue/expenses are even by 2025
  • Mike Tadros – anything in the budget offered as provision for the challenges the faculty faced the past few years; Lucas – discussions with faculty
  • Rachel Buckley – is there anything we wished for that isn’t in the budget? Lucas: We will be offering clubs, projecting $7500 for next year
  • Jess – is there an uptick in mental health support needs, what is the experience of our mental health support staff

Motion to approve budget Lucas, Adam


Development Committee – Lucas: work with EDB, how to make Horizons more equitable, instead of intermittent asks – ask once for the whole year – Hawks campaign to support all 348 students to have supplies they need, participate in OE, winter sports, experiential learning experiences, then in Spring – fundraiser to keep small class sizes, focus on donation being for all students not just “your” student. Lucas proposes to recruit people who can help us be strategic about how we message these requests

Other business: Mike thanks community members who brought the movie to us last week. Lucas talked about the decision making matrix in relation to things like spirit wear sales

Head of School Evaluation Review – Rachel – procedures are lead by board, gave overview of the process as chair of the committee, concorded on decision to keep Lucas next year, see notes, overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding having Lucas as a leader at Horizons

Process Observer: 

  • Good input
  • Good questions, good push and pull
  • Covered important ground

Adjourn: 7:59pm