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Board Minutes Jan 13 2022

Board Meeting Notes

Call to Order: 6:02

Members Present: Mike Ashmore, Allyson DeSart, Rachel Buckley, Jess Hogan, Lucas Ketzer, Karen Wolfer, Adam Brink, Aubrey Demmon

Members Absent: Ryan Conrad, Stacey Acquevella

Introduction and invitation for public comment: no public comment

Consent Agenda: Approved

Head of School Update:

  • HOS Goals
    • Head of School Goals- 2021/22
    • Added a new goal about operations and keeping school open in-person
    • HOS evaluation committee will provide feedback on goals too
    • Evaluation – usually 2 teachers and 2 board members: Peter, Adam, Mike, Rachel, and Allyson. Teachers will review goals and complete Google form evaluation. Can we add in community input this year?
  • BVSD Covid Plans – Confident about coverage to ensure in-person instruction. By early next week, trying to figure out how to provide instruction for students in quarantine. Working on getting weekly testing and resuming the mask campaign to get more KN95s for students and staff.

Finance Review Committee: notes can be found here

  • Vote to approve revised budget was approved
  • Vote to approve appropriation resolution was approved

Mission, Vision, Values Update/Discussion: Goal of Council next week is to have something to concord on. Lucas will send another email to get participation at Council. It will be an email to the entire community about the process so far, our current proposals, and the documents Council should review before the meeting.

Strategic Planning next steps: We will tackle specific elements of Governance next, starting with the role of Council. At the Council meeting next week, we will ask for committee volunteers to suggest updates to Council governance.

Process Observer: Quick input and suggestions, jovial tenor, appreciative of leadership, made some important decisions about moving forward with strategic planning

Adjourn: 7:15pm