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Board Minutes Dec 12 2022

Horizons K8 School
Board Meeting Minutes
Date: December 8, 2022

Call to Order: 6pm
Facilitators:  Mike A
Notetaker: Maggie
Timekeeper: Peter

Process Observer: Ryan

Present: Lucas, Maggie, Peter, Mike A, Allyson, Elizabeth, Stephanie, Dulce, Fran, Mindy, Kate, Michelle, Adam, Lynn, Karen, Hope, Aubrey, Kevin, Brooke, Micah, Bogosian/Stone, Nina, Vivian, Nicoleta, Stephanie, Peter, Fran, Adam 

Absent: Mike T, Rob, Jess

Quorum established 

Public Comment

  • No public comment

Consent Agenda: 

Motion to approve – Mike A
Second – Elizabeth

Head of School Updates

  • Three things focusing as faculty
    • Trauma informed instruction, monthly debriefs
    • Christy and Karen will facilitate conversations about literacy instruction in Horizons
    • Celebrate staff for their willingness to pull together when the power was out

FRC: Minutes

  • We just got our budget to actuals for 9/30/22 from the district
  • Long-term planning framework- potential revision to process
  • January FRC will present board with revised budget
  • Our beginning fund balance came in higher than we had anticipated
  • Council budget – Elizabeth – budget is earning interest, can the money stay there so it continues to earn interest and continue to draw down on Fund 11 instead? 
  • Send a letter to BVSD declaring our intent to research outside business support options
  • Elizabeth proposes Lucas write the letter, get board approval, and Mike sends to BVSD on behalf of board; Adam seconds. Motion passes.

Staffing Structure Document: Lucas: 

  • How we solicit input from faculty when we’re having long term budget discussions that would allow faculty to think about potential cuts to FTE and potential revenue increasing measures, explore impact on students and family 
  • Take this info to parent board members, allow them to formulate a long-term plan based on what faculty provided
  • It’s a three step process, individuals fill it out first, that doc gets looked at by certain groups, then gets looked at by individuals again to make sure everything is captured

Fundraising Committee: Elizabeth

  • 52% of goal before CO gives (which was approx 15K)
  • How campaign is going: we typically reach 50-70% about now

Other business: 

  • Covid: how to respond/address the rising cases in the community, Elizabeth recommended asking everyone to wear masks, several immunocompromised students and family members
  • We can’t mandate but we’ve encouraged masks and are seeing more people in our community using masks

Process Observer: 

  • Interesting agenda, robust conversation around the budget, long term planning, and staff input
  • Voices were heard, overall a good meeting

Adjourn: 7:44p