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Board Minutes Aug 22 2022

Horizons Board Meeting Minutes
August 11, 2022

Board Members Present: Adam Brink, Karen Wolfer, Lucas Ketzer, Ryan Conrad, Peter Hegelbach, Mike Ashmore, Allyson Desart, Elizabeth Parady, Mike Tadros, Jessica Hogan

Called to order 6:03PM
No public comment

Consent agenda – one amendment – no council on 8/17
Accepted: Lucas and Adam seconded, concorded

HOS Update
Update on Mission, Vision, Value implementation
Fundraising – Update on new fundraising policy
Outdoor Education will be taking place in September. We are still following BVSD and CDC guidance re: COVID
One board vacancy needs to be filled – this will need to be done at the September Council meeting.
Student safety update: Lucas met with some parents who are concerned about student safety – especially in light of the shootings.
Need a SAC- school accountability committee member and DAC- district accountability committee member
Lucas and Karen will update volunteer requirements and send to the community

Board position elections
Mike A makes a motion to elect Allyson as vice chair
Jess seconded, concorded

Secretary : No one volunteered – will wait until the new board member is elected and then decide.

Process Observer – Ryan: great job staying on task and being warm and friendly

Adjourned: 7:20