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Board Minutes Dec 9 2021

Board Meeting Notes

Call to Order: 6:08

Members Present: Mike Ashmore, Allyson DeSart, Rachel Buckley, Jess Hogan, Lucas Ketzer, Karen Wolfer, Ryan Conrad, Adam Brink, Aubrey Demmon, Peter Hegelbach

Members Absent: Paul Ramer, Stacey Acquevella

Introductions and invitation for public comment:

Public Comment: Maggie Anderson and Leontyne Ashmore

Consent agenda: Approved 

Head of School Update

Update on the new teacher evaluation process: Lucas provided overview of framework

Spring Auction: Horizons will consider holding an alternative Spring event

Finance Review Committee: notes can be found here

Aftercare position: vacancy upcoming in January and position will be offered to paraeducators.

Mission, Vision, Values Update/Discussion:

Didn’t come to concordance on the Mission, Vision, Values at the last Council meeting

Discussion of the process of updating the mission/vision/values statement

Discussion of how we can increase the community’s ability to concord

Peter presented data reported by students on how they feel about potential changes in the mission/vision/values statements.

Lucas and Jess will compose an email to entire community about process so far, our current proposals, and the documents council should review before the meeting

Strategic Planning next steps: Lucas outlined potential next steps in the strategic planning process (governance/teacher led school). We will revisit this at the January board meeting. 

Process Observer: Ryan- authentic connection & communication, followed agenda

Adjourn: 7:57 pm