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Board Minutes Sept 10 2020

Board of Horizons K-8 School

September 10th, 2020
6:02 pm – 8:06 pm

Meeting held virtually via Zoom

Facilitators: Tyler Currie / Lucas Ketzer
Note Taker: Hope Nelson-Roohr (non-member)
Minutes: Geary Layne
Timekeeper: Paul Ramer

Process Observer: Peter Hegelbach

Call to Order:  6:02pm
Alex Osias, Beth Coleman, Geary Layne, Julie Cohen, Karen Wolfer, Lucas Ketzer, Mike Ashmore, Paul Ramer, Peter Hegelbach, Rachel Buckley, Teran Sittner, Tyler Currie


Quorum established


Erin Swaney, Allyson Desart, Lisa Leftakes, Liza McKenzie, Jessie Pink, Lynn Pence, Miran McCalmon, Julie Steinbrenner, Lindsay Tatylor, Julie Dye, Sarah Arabian, Nicolas Guilloteau, Jeralyn Fokken, Joy Pieper, Nicole Wildes, Alex Rose, Lauren Mackey, Cary Munger, Hilary Merina, Jessica Hogan, Keith Sambur, Tali Shapiro, Aubrey Demmon, Sharon Kong, Leslie Vitale, Traci Bushnell, Dan Twetten, Hunter Plumb, Christy Shoemaker, Travis Lockhart, Lauren Yeldell, Avery Nelson, Hetal Mehta, Meredith Croft, Brooke Bell, Melanie Yee, Stephen Butler, Jaclyn Adley, Jim Freund, Natalie Bauer, Lauren Noyes, Frank Bruno, Callie Gartner, Erica Baruch, Carol Schwendener, Christy Shoemaker, Fran Cohen, Shannon Sackmann, Ryan Conrad, Jyll Lottner, Michelle Bargo, Suzy Magliaro, Will Deaver, Wendy Thoresen, Sherry Davis, Emily Kurtz, Allison Berger, Lauren Noyes, Jess Turano,Lynsi Leigh and others

Public Comment: 

Aubrey Demmon, Allyson DeSart, Joy Pieper, Hope Roohr, Ryan Conrad, Dan Rose, Natalie Bauer

Consent Agenda:

  • Approve September 10 Agenda
  • Minutes Aug 6th
  • Minutes Aug 21st
  • Resolution Concerning Horizons’ Mascot
  • Resolution Concerning Opening of CSAFE accounts for Council Reserve Funds
  • Conflict of Interesting Policy; Motion Concerning Conflict of Interest
  • Summary of Open Meeting Law: Motion Concerning Colorado’s Opening Meeting Law

Motion – Lucas Ketzer

Moved to accept consent agenda items with Aug minutes removed

Second – Alex Osias


Motion – Tyler Currie

Moved to accept Aug minutes with amendments

Aug 6th: Budget deficit 20K and not 350K, thus minutes should read …budget was projected a 20k deficit thus if all remains the same, there will be a 650K 

Aug 10th: Change pm to am for Call to order time

Second – Paul Ramer


Officers & Committees:

Vice Chair – Mike Ashmore

Treasurer – Paul Ramer 

Secretary – Geary Layne

Executive Committee – Lucas Ketzer, Tyler Currie, Beth Coleman, Rachel Buckley

Finance Review – Lucas Ketzer, Paul Ramer

Development – Rachel Buckley, Karen Wolfer

Faculty Committee – deferred until council

Head of School Evaluation Committee – Peter Hegelbach, Tyler Currie, Julie Cohen, Alex Osias

Motion – Lucas Ketzer

Moves to approve officer and committee placements

Second – Tyler Currie


Head of School Updates:

  • Year long partnership Western Educational Equity Assistance Center (WEEAC), contact person, Darlene Sampson. Came out of Equity, Diversity, and Belonging Committee looking at identity, equity, anti-bias, anti-racism.
  • CARES Spending Update: Working with BVSD to spend 138K from Federal CARES ACt – only Covid related expenses. We have 3K left to spend.
  • Proposal to reinstitute salary and COLA increase: Given that the Paycheck Protection Program is a loan put us at a 600K surplus, proposal to reinstitute retroactive to 7/1/20 at a cost of 112K.

Motion – Paul Ramer

Moved to approve step and COLA increases

Second – Mike Ashmore

Concorded; Tyler Currie, Lucas Ketzer, and Faculty Board Members recused themselves

  • Reopening Update: Lucas and Karen learned on Thursday BVSD’s plan to have K-2 return to in person. BVSD will pull teachers from other schools but this is not an option for Horizons. Our plan is: Monday will remain asynchronous, half day Tuesday through Friday, outside, in tents, with small classes.
  • Horizons plans to offer its own childcare/aftercare, Nicoleta Simon & Jeanne Kipke heading up.

Motion – Tyler Currie

Moves to extend conversation by 10 minutes

Second – Lucas Ketzer


  • Tents: Lauren Noyes provided a briefing. Tents will cost $5200 each, they are commercial grade, wind resistant, require permitting and fire code regulations. The campus has room for 19 tents, currently budgeted for 12. Additionally there will be tables, K-2 sized chairs, and Gorilla carts to move supplies.

Motion – Lucas Ketzer

Moves to approve the tent resolution

Second – Karen Wolfer


  • Hiring update: will be hiring MS SpEd Teacher and some paras.

Motion – Lucas Ketzer

Moves to approve Ellen Hatch as .5 PE Teacher

Second – Tyler Currie


Strategic Plan: 

Motion – Tyler Currie

Moves to amend agenda to leave out Strategic Planning

Second – Beth Coleman

Process observer:

  1. Structure – agenda was ambitious but organized
  2. Mostly sharing of information
  3. Informative communication

Motion – Tyler Currie

Moves to adjourn at 8:06 PM

Second – Lucas Ketzer