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Board Minutes Jul 22 2020

Board of Horizons K-8 School

July 22nd, 2020
6:00 pm – 7:49 pm

Meeting held virtually via Zoom

Facilitators: Tyler Currie / Lucas Ketzer
Note Taker: Hope Nelson-Roohr (non-member)
Minutes: Geary Layne
Timekeeper: Teran Sittner

Process Observer: Peter Hegelbach

Call to Order:  6:00pm
Alex Osias, Beth Coleman, Geary Layne, Julie Cohen, Karen Wolfer, Lucas Ketzer, Mike Ashmore, Peter Hegelbach, Rachel Buckley, Teran Sittner, Tyler Currie


Arrived Late: 

Paul Ramer, 6:07pm

Quorum established


Jim Freund, Jeanne Kipke, Oliver Glosband, Elizabeth Parady, DeeDee Rice, Aubrey Demmon, Christy Shoemaker, Natalie Bauer, Sharon Kong, Meredith Croft, Lauren Mackey, Jason Elliot, Craig Keller, Deb Corradino, Marti Matsch, Emmy Kurtz, Giulia Bernadini, Justin Bailey, Suzanne Tadros, Mike Tadros, Jessy Pink, Erica Baruch, David Olsky, Hilary Merina, Julia Haas, Chris Cain, Steve Fritz, Shannon Sackmann, Alicia Potter, Heidi Freiburger, Gena Welk, Carrie McDermitt, Lynn Pence, Jeralyn Fokken, Tali Shapiro, Ryan Conrad, Wendi Kirkpatrick, Sarah Arabian, Casey Hebb, Sara Michaels, Jaclyn Adley, Denise Carroll, Jo Vogeli, Leila Talore, Pat Smalley, Amy Gillespie, Maitreya Rich, Fran Cohen, Robert Kalla, Alek Makovec, Lisa Leftakes, Juliana Bellipani, Karla Scornavacco

Welcome & Invitation for public comments: 

Craig Keller, Christina Stemp, Allyson DeSart, and Mike Tadros spoke

Motion – Teran Sittner

Move for community input to be extended

Second – Tyler Currie


No additional public comments

Approval of Agenda:
Motion – Peter Hegelbach

Move to acceptance of agenda with correction to date

Second – Beth Coleman


Approval of Minutes:

Motion – Geary Layne

Second – Tyler Currie


Finance Review:

Horizons will receive money from the CARES act (The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security), $136K, to be spent on Covid related expenses in addition to what PPE (personal protection equipment) the district is providing.

Lucas and Tyler advised the board that they were pursuing a Payroll Protection Program loan application. 

Update on reopening committee/plans:

  • Details for reopening continue to evolve fast
  • BVSD working to get number of employee seeking exemptions and numbers students opting out of in-person learning
  • From Council, there is an urgency to get out classlist, however BVSD has requested classlist/cohort not be send out until August 11
  • Reopening committee has created a document the delineates responsibilities for each Phase
  • Discussed pros/cons of reopening in Phase 3, and possibly deviating from BVSD
  • Reviewed staff survey staff
  • Noted possible health risks as well as inequity for families with working parents
  • Intention to look into childcare options with BVSD 
  • Horizons is trying to provide best possible education to students and that must drive path forward

Motion – Teran Sittner

Move to increase meeting by 10 minutes again

Second – Tyler Currie


  • Further discussion regarding reopening options, including starting slower than Phase 3
  • Focus on at home learning vs online learning
  • The Horizons Board will review alternative reopening plans at next meeting

Process Observer:

Semi followed the agenda, tackled a hefty topic, we problem solved, considered alternatives, got the pulse of parent/teacher board members concerning phase 3 proposal; we have our work cut out for us.

Adjourned: 7:49pm