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Board Minutes Feb 13 2020

Board of Horizons K-8 School

Feb 13th, 2020
6:00 pm – 8:07 pm

Facilitators: Paul Martin / Lucas Ketzer
Note Taker: Hope Nelson-Roohr (non-member)
Minutes: Geary Layne
Timekeeper: Paul Martin
Process Observer: Peter Hegelbach

Call to Order:  6:00pm
Alex Osias, Allison Akhnoukh, Beth Coleman, Geary Layne, Julie Cohen, Karen Wolfer, Lucas Ketzer, Paul Martin, Paul Ramer, Peter Hegelbach, Tyler Currie


Teran Sittner

Quorum established


Tim Farmer, of the legal firm Miller and Farmer Law

Welcome & Invitation for  public comments:

Approval of Agenda:
Motion – Lucas Ketzer 

Second – Peter Hegelbach


Approval of Minutes:

Motion – Geary Layne 

Approve minutes for 1/9/2020 meeting

Second – Alex Osias


Motion – Paul Ramer 

Approve minutes for 1/16/2020 meeting with wording clarification

Second – Karen Wolfer


Head of School Report:

  • Charter Renewal: We have finalized the state waiver requests. We will be meeting with BVSD to discuss the contract, waivers, governance, and conflict of interest. 
  • Evaluations: We are completing teacher evaluations and debrief conversations. 100% of teachers have been observed and almost all teachers debrief sessions  have been held. 
  • School Accountability Committee Meeting: recommended that we survey families about extra-curricular opportunities their students are taking advantage of at Horizons, as well as activities they would be interested in. We have gathered the results and will review them at the next SAC meeting. 
  • Personnel Update: receiving Letters of Intent to Return. Based on responses, we will post open positions with the goal of conducting interviews in March and April. 
  • Open Enrollment: has concluded. We are finalizing the last spots to ensure that we are fully enrolled. This process will continue through the fall and is based on attrition from Horizons. 
  • BVSD Update: The District Leadership Team meeting was cancelled because of the late start. We will meet again on March 4th. 
  • Winter Sports Update: Winter Sports has officially begun! Thanks so much to the teachers and parent volunteers that made this wonderful experience happen. 

2020/2021 Calendar:

The Faculty approved calendar was shared with the Board, generally following the BVSD calendar. One change is the adjustment to start time for 5-8 grades to 8:20am (no change to door open time).

Decision Making Matrix:

  • Faculty continuing with rich conversations, and is making progress
  • Board will approve DMM once faculty complete their work

Charter Contract:

Tim Farmer at the meeting to help with waivers. Lucas worked with Tim at Rise Up.

Charter application approved by BVSD. Kathleen Sullivan, BVSD attorney, asked Horizons to identify portion of the contract we want to discuss changes.

Finance Review:

Revenues ahead of expenses in Fund 11 & council.  We will do some capital construction: marquee and install windows in Learning Lab

Development Committee:

  • Party planning committee (Paddle Raiser) – need paddle raiser ideas
  • Keep eye out for St Patrick’s Day Cow
  • California Pizza Kitchen will cater March 19th council (Horizons gets percentage)

State Waivers:

Motion – Beth Coleman

Adjust agenda to move charter contract/state waivers to end of meeting

Second – Allison Akhnoukh


Tim Farmer reviewed the charter contract, and suggested some clean up, such as word changes. Tim indicated that further discussion may necessitate an executive session.

Motion – Lucas Ketzer

I move to go into executive session to discuss positions relative to matters that may be subject to negotiations regarding the charter contract pursuant to CRS 24-6-402 (4) (e); and to receive legal advice regarding state waivers pursuant to CRS 24-6-4-2 (4) (b).

Second – Tyler Currie


Entered into executive session

Exited executive session at 8:05pm

Process Observer:

  • Nicely mixed up seating
  • Followed adjusted agenda

Adjourned: 8:07pm