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Board Minutes Dec 9 2020

Board of Horizons K-8 School

December 9th, 2020
6:00 pm – 7:18 pm

Meeting held virtually via Zoom

Facilitators: Tyler Currie / Lucas Ketzer
Note Taker: Hope Nelson-Roohr (non-member)
Minutes: Geary Layne
Timekeeper: Paul Ramer

Process Observer: Karen Wolfer

Call to Order:  6:00pm
Beth Coleman, Geary Layne, Julie Cohen, Karen Wolfer, Lucas Ketzer, Mike Ashmore, Paul Ramer, Peter Hegelbach, Rachel Buckley, Teran Sittner, Tyler Currie

Absent: Alex Osias

Quorum established

Guests: Many present

Public Comment: Shelly Miller signed up to speak, but not present at start of meeting

Consent Agenda:

  • Approve December 9th Agenda
  • Prior Minutes: November 12, 2020

Motion – Lucas Ketzer

Motion to approve consent items, with clarification to minutes that flat PPR funding will begin budgeting in 21-22 and run thru 24-25

Second – Tyler Currie


Finance Review Committee:

  • Council reserve funds just deposited to CSAFE Accounts ~$657,000
  • Documentation is ready for PPP loan forgiveness application.  We expect to qualify for full forgiveness.  Just waiting for Well Fargo to publish forgiveness application forms
  • Current year operating deficit now projected to be $357,000.  At last report, it was projected to be $438,000K.  Favorable swing is due to increase in revenue from mill levy overrides (property taxes)
  •  5 year budget committee (faculty + admin) has convened
  • Forming Business Services working group
    • Liability, Workers Comp Insurance
    • Health Insurance and Benefits
    • Payroll and Finance

Head of School Updates:

  • Next WEEAC (Western Educational Equity Assistance Center) session with faculty will be on January 11th
  • Encourage participation at next ED&B meeting – will have another session with Vernon Jones
  • HoS Goals- continuing strategic plan
    • Thanks to Rachel & Mike
  • Implementation of culturally relevant curriculum
  • Performing teacher evaluations regarding climate & culture, will complete by January 31st
  • End of year- get feedback from teachers, want to be collaborative
  • Still waiting to see how standardized testing will be conducted in the Spring
    • If students opt for home learning, how will they test in a way that is controlled?
  • Waiting for draft Charter Renewal contract from BVSD
  • Shared Horizons In-Person/Home Learning Update
    • Original proposal and rationale
    • Current data and BVSD plans
    • What has transpired over the past weeks
    • Next steps
    • Questions
  • Discussion on In-Person/Home Learning

Strategic Plan: 

  • Lucas shared major theme folders containing Horizons documentation, and asked for help populating with more – specifically historical perspective
  • These folders will help stakeholders understand current reality and the history of Horizons
  • Working groups will make recommendations
  • Short discussion on addition types and sources of documentation

Five Year Budget update:

  • Administration and faculty committee met last week, and will meet again on November 13th
  • Budget spreadsheet shared that can be manipulated to see financial impacts
  • Faculty committee was tasked with creating different scenarios
  • Want to present staff with different scenarios to get feedback

Process Observer: 

  • No public comments
  • Took turns speaking
  • Clarifying questions asked
  • Many gratitudes

Adjourn at 7:18 PM