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Board Minutes Aug 6 2020

Board of Horizons K-8 School

August 6th, 2020
6:03 pm – 8:40 pm

Meeting held virtually via Zoom

Facilitators: Tyler Currie / Lucas Ketzer
Note Taker: Hope Nelson-Roohr (non-member)
Minutes: Geary Layne
Timekeeper: Julie Cohen

Process Observer: Peter Hegelbach

Call to Order:  6:03pm
Alex Osias, Beth Coleman, Geary Layne, Julie Cohen, Karen Wolfer, Lucas Ketzer, Mike Ashmore, Peter Hegelbach, Rachel Buckley, Teran Sittner, Tyler Currie


Arrived Late: 

Paul Ramer, 6:07pm

Quorum established


Scot Rose, Jessy Pink, Hilary Merina, Chris Cain, Allison Berger, Natalie Bauer, Lauren Mackey, Craig Keller, Nicolas Guilloteau, Cary Munger, Brad McLain, Brook Bel, Chirs Benner, Meredith Croft, Julie Dye, Denise Carroll, Avery Nelson, Traci Bushnell, Sara Preston, Carrie McDermitt, Steven Small, Steve Fritz, Pawel Osiczko, Matt Arnold, Wade Vizena, Julia Haas, Jim Freund, Michelle Bargo, Stacey Axquavella, Lisa Leftakes, Leslie Vitale, Lauren Yeldell, Annie Blankenship, Nicola Gilbert, Susan Hall, Alicia Potter, Todd Kleinman, Gena Welk, Ryan Conrad, Allyson DeSart, Elizabeth Parady, Alice Hartman, Courtney Welch, Lynn Pence, Brigid Moriarty, Odele Coddington, Julie Steinbrenner, Erin Swaney, Jeralyn Fokken, Justin Bailey, Chandra Best, DM Akos, Emily Kurtz, Mercedes Gitter, and many others

Welcome & Invitation for public comments: 


Approval of Agenda:
Motion – Tyler Currie

Move to approve agenda with addition of two item:

  1. Notes about Diversity, Equity & Belonging Committee
  2. Discussion regarding Board meeting on 8/13/2020

Second – Lucas Ketzer


Approval of Minutes:

Motion – Tyler Currie

Move to approve minutes with the addition that Lucas & he advises board that he was pursuing a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan application

Second – Paul Ramer


Finance Review:

  • Submitted application for PPP loan on 7/24/20
  • Wells Fargo conveyed that the Small Business Administration (SBA) approved application
  • Eligible for $650K
  • Loan secured by promissory note that will be forgiven if we meet certain criteria:
    • Staffing levels stay close to level as of last Jan/Feb 2019
    • Having eligible expenses (i.e. salaries & benefits)
  • We will easily meet those criteria, so this should end up a grant
  • Will be dispersed to Wells Fargo bank account (Council)
  • Good news!  
  • Prior to PPP loan, budget was projecting a $20K deficit, thus if all else remains the same there will be a $650K surplus, however we may have extra unexpected costs
  • Current budget includes sacrifices to programming and no step increase, these can be revisited
  • Council will need to approve funds transfer to operation fund beyond $80k

Motion – Lucas Ketzer

Moves for the Board to give Lucas the authority to sign loan paperwork

Second – Mike Ashmore


Grateful to Hilary for hard work on loan application!

Update on reopening committee plans:

Motion – Tyler Currie

Moves to extend back to school topic by 20 minutes

Second – Mike Ashmore


Discussion regarding reopening and different Phases

  • Horizons’ Phase 2+ was developed when BVSD was planning to reopen in Phase 3
  • Horizons’ Phase 2+ different from BVSD Phase 2+
  • With BVSD Phase 2+ only 20% access building, verse our Phase 2+ would have 100% accessing building because it was designed as an option when BVSD went to Phase 3
  • Formation of Pods is parent lead and not organized by school
  • Teachers may interact with Pods, but all students (in or not in Pods) will receive instructional content
  • Lucas will look into concern about confidentiality with prioritization of students’ return under different Phases

Motion – Tyler Currie

Moves to add another 20 minutes to this discussion

Second – Paul Ramer


  • BVSD would like to put cohorts together for Phase 3, ensure siblings have same in person schedule
  • Horizons can form their own cohorts, and thus release class list earlier
  • BVSD does not want Horizons to release class list early
  • Concerns of inequalities were raised corresponding to different Phases
    • Unsupervised children
    • Cost of child care
    • Level of at home support
  • Opportunity for Horizons’ community to support each other
  • Looking into providing childcare at Horizons, requires BVSD approval

Motion – Tyler Currie

Moves for the board to confirms reopening committee plan to open in Phase 1, but does not preclude us from talking about supporting families

Second – Karen Wolfer


Diversity, Equity &  Belonging:

  • Met over summer
  • Book Talks, next book club: So You want to talk about race…..
  • Potentially partner with Western Educational Equity Assistance Center

 Next Board meeting:

  • Do we meet next week on Aug 13?
  • Need to onboard new members, and establish Board positions and committee assignments
  • Hold off on meeting next week and meet towards the end of August

Process Observer: 

Listened to each other at beginning of meeting

Clear agenda though we added extra time

Great presentation by Ryan

Active listening, better balance of hearing equal voices

Problem solving moving target; use heads, lead with hearts

Motion –  Lucas Ketzer

Move to adjourn

Second – Alex Osias


Thanks to parents who attended.